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posted 2007-06-04 11:21 AM by sentry:
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posted 2007-06-04 02:09 PM by sentry:

what a drag. it’s already been taken down by tripod.

posted 2007-06-04 07:45 PM by fhazel:

probably a bandwidth issue… he went from averaging about 30 hits a day in may to 200k per day in june.

posted 2007-06-05 02:26 PM by fhazel:
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OK, here’s a video taken from the conveyor belt in a tokyo sushi bar instead.

posted 2007-06-08 04:04 PM by cobra libre:
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Not to worry, the CatCam has its own domain now!

posted 2007-07-21 02:54 PM by Gaijin:
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i love kaitenzushi video!! oishiiso!
thanks for posting the catcam domain too, i missed catcam the first time around.

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