spaceship no future


really, i’m busy

an extremely abbreviated history of work-avoidance software

je ne me rendrai jamais, où, travaillez jamais

On hating work and learning from the French

Our thoughts and prayers are with fhazel…

… who successfully passed the initial phone screen and is now due for an interview with my employer. If this doesn’t pan out, Chris’ only recourse may be to steal gadgets for me as a retail slave. Which really wouldn’t be so bad. By the way, thanks for the pie….

we are experiencing higher than normal call volume

having spent the afternoon talking with ibm technical support to get my hard drive replaced, i needed something to stop the horrible flashbacks to when i was working at dell. too bad this story from express online is what i came across. jacob and i’s experience in the technical support industry led to the historic sept. 1 1999 royal decree of chom forbidding any state contracts with companies that use humans for technical support. this decree was contested in chom federal court by the pro-corporate group USA*engage, but the all-tiger…

45 lose livelihoods, investors uncork the champagne

My employer laid off 45 people yesterday. I still have my job—lucky me. Yay. I can’t wait for the IPO. This is about a guy I used to work with. He was fired a long time ago, though. He had it coming. Also, he looked exactly like Hoggle. This update had nothing to do with the layoffs….