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je ne me rendrai jamais, où, travaillez jamais

On hating work and learning from the French

“They are buying your happiness. Steal it.”

A Democratic senator from South Carolina and lobbyists from the entertainment industry are planning to introduce a bill that will require manufacturers of computer equipment to embed federally “certified security technologies.” According to Wired, the bill, called the SSSCA (the Security Systems Standards and Certification Act), will make it a felony offense to distribute copyrighted materials with security measures disabled or to even attach a computer with disabled copyright protection to a network. Creating, selling, or distributing “any interactive digital device” (read: hardware or software) that does not utilize…

Corny soapbox time! No cat news today

In all due respect, those who try to disrupt and destroy and hurt are really defeating the cause of, their cause. This typically imbecilic quote from George W. Bush had me in stitches as I read it last Thursday morning, a day before the G8 Summit in Genoa, Italy was to begin. As the summit draws to an end, there’s not much left to laugh about. On one side, there were the agents of Capitalism Gone Amok, the G8, consisting of the wealthiest seven industrialized nations, plus, um, Russia….

Bob Kerrey feels just awful about killing so many Vietnamese civilians back when he was a kid

Former Senator Bob Kerrey (now president of the prestigious New School University) recently admitted to feeling “anguish and guilt” over a 1969 mission in which he and his Navy SEAL team slaughtered a village full of civilians, a mission for which he was awarded a Bronze Star. The 20+ dead civilians in question had the misfortune to live in an area that had been designated a free-fire zone. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has no plans to investigate the regrettable incident (it occurs to me that maybe they already did). Oh well.WASHINGTON…

You are all assholes. I hate you.

I am a Nietzschean superman with a highly evolved ethical facility that effectively absolves me of the need to resolve the personal and intrapersonal moral contradictions that the rest of you sheep grapple with daily. For instance: A) I believe in the sanctity of all human life. And kittens. But B) Old people are useless. Also: A) When the U.S. bombed a major pharmaceutical plant in Sudan for no real reason, I was saddened and dismayed. Pissed off, even. But B) I like to shoot people between the eyes with…