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“They are buying your happiness. Steal it.”

A Democratic senator from South Carolina and lobbyists from the entertainment industry are planning to introduce a bill that will require manufacturers of computer equipment to embed federally “certified security technologies.” According to Wired, the bill, called the SSSCA (the Security Systems Standards and Certification Act), will make it a felony offense to distribute copyrighted materials with security measures disabled or to even attach a computer with disabled copyright protection to a network. Creating, selling, or distributing “any interactive digital device” (read: hardware or software) that does not utilize…

Robots + Guns + The Internet = Good Times

Quoting the Bangkok Post, online edition: “The world’s first armed robot security guard that can open fire on intruders while controlled through the Internet was unveiled in Bangkok yesterday.” Please watch this space as fhazel continues to improve his Perl/CGI skills and I finally put together my Lego Mindstorms robot….