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Happy Loyalty Day!

A patriotic celebration of May Day, as well as a joyful reminiscence on its origins.

je ne me rendrai jamais, où, travaillez jamais

On hating work and learning from the French

Exciting new poll

I imagine that this will prove to be more popular than Am I Goth or Not? or, you know, whatever: Am I a Terrorist or a Member of Al-Qaeda or a Taliban Fighter or Not? Thanks to Dakota for the link. Warning:This isn’t funny at all….

You are all assholes. I hate you.

I am a Nietzschean superman with a highly evolved ethical facility that effectively absolves me of the need to resolve the personal and intrapersonal moral contradictions that the rest of you sheep grapple with daily. For instance: A) I believe in the sanctity of all human life. And kittens. But B) Old people are useless. Also: A) When the U.S. bombed a major pharmaceutical plant in Sudan for no real reason, I was saddened and dismayed. Pissed off, even. But B) I like to shoot people between the eyes with…