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even as we speak touring east coast in october

they’re touring in support of the cannanes, who are also great, and actually it’s mary dwyer with unknown others performing even as we speak songs (i assume, otherwise that’s pretty sneaky), but she was the original singer and they recorded one of the best pop albums of all time, feral pop frenzy (pictured). they’re australian, so chances are you won’t get to see them again, because i have it on good authority that the olympic games are going to end in a terrible war. got this news from the…

new moose album available in US!

i’m voting for this album in the upcoming presidential election. it’s called high ball me! and it’s been available in england for a while (which is where i got it), but i just noticed in the latest parasol update it’s available in the US now. james reeder’s lovely moose page notes it is also available from darla. get yourself on napster and listen to “can’t get enough of you” or “wonder where i’ll go.” this album grabbed my heart and squoze it. it even makes robots cry it’s so…

so that’s what we look like from the outside!

a writer for salon went to the kindercore expo 2000 in athens and wrote this twee exposé. starts out good- prefers japanese candy to beer, etc. and yeah he got a lot wrong (what else am i gonna say?) but it’s a fun read. except for the following gem:Twee kids are a lot like the punk rockers before them, but you could say that twee, since its erstwhile inception in the ’80s, has always rebelled against, twee IS punk. i can let the rest slide, but, oh, well, wait….