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chris seriously injured on the way to the grocery store, jacob blames self

chris lays right now in a coma at st. david’s hospital due to injuries sustained from a serious car accident he was involved in on the way to the local HEB grocery store. friends and neighbors are laying the blame on jacob, who *knew* nobody was delivering pizza because of the ice storm, but decided to eat all chris’ tater tots anyway, forcing him to make a dangerous journey across dark, icy roads to get more. for shame….

Plastic tubes and pots and pans, bits and pieces, bits and pieces

I read in Slashdot about a fascinating technology called 3D Printing that is finally going to make our miserable, unfulfilling lives worth living again. Whereas a conventional printer lays down ink on a flat paper using what is basically a 2D bitmap, a 3D printer starts with a 3D representation of an object, slices the model into horizontal layers, and then “prints” a physical, tangible object layer by layer. The “ink” used varies, but the most favored technology for mainstream application actually works like an inkjet printer, printing with…