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so it goes

Kurt Vonnegut, 1922 - 2007

a happy birthday

Tamara and her very chompy birthday

Arthur Lee is free

The world may be going utterly to shit, but every now and then something nice happens. Arthur Lee, formerly of the amazing hippy/psychedelic band Love, is out of jail after six years. He was serving time for shooting a gun in the air in his apartment, a gun that, as an ex-felon, he’s not allowed to carry. You may even remember the crappy single that the Make-Up put out a couple years ago, “Free Arthur Lee.” I actually bought it. Anyway, Lee’s out, which is just, because, you know,…

Prince no longer sexiest man on planet

The dirty little man from Minneapolis dropped a bombshell in an interview with Gotham Magazine, whatever that is, when he renounced cursing: When you use those words, you call up all the anger, all the negatives times the word has been used before — you bring it toward yourself. Why would you want that? Prince, author of such hits as “Head,” “Jack U Off,” and “Pussy Control,” is also a Jehovah’s Witness, as it turns out, and is creepily concerned about kids and their lack of faith: When I…

love conquers all. no, wait. love sues universal.

this story will be a disappointment after you make the grumpy cat dance, i mean, anything would, but give it a minute. as you all know, big record companies are evil, napster users are thieves, and everybody is suing everybody all the time everywhere, while spaceship no future remains totally blameless and innocent like a tiny kitten (see fig. 1). so i’ll just dive right in like you know exactly what i’m talking about and agree with me unreservedly. universal music group (big record company) sued (cannonfodder for…