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when i get to the bottom i go back to the top of the slide

Australian Steven Bradbury won the short-track gold Saturday after all of his opponents wiped out and the lucky skater remained standing, passing through the finish. It was the first Winter games Gold ever for the Australians. The SNF avatar Bradbury called the win “freakish.”…

that’s! not! a! knife!

daily radar has a piece on the new crocodile dundee movie that’s quite good. they ask the all important questionThe scene today where you tell time by the sun, is that this film’s equivalent of the “That’s not a knife” scene?and it also notes, interestingly enough, that the cause for the 12-year gap between parts two and three were paul hogan refusing to do another one unless it had a good story. way to go, paul. the question is, will it be like the kate bush album from the 90’s…

even as we speak touring east coast in october

they’re touring in support of the cannanes, who are also great, and actually it’s mary dwyer with unknown others performing even as we speak songs (i assume, otherwise that’s pretty sneaky), but she was the original singer and they recorded one of the best pop albums of all time, feral pop frenzy (pictured). they’re australian, so chances are you won’t get to see them again, because i have it on good authority that the olympic games are going to end in a terrible war. got this news from the…

that’s not a knife!

yes, crocodile dundee, part three. it’s in production for an april 2001 release. years since crocodile dundee part two: twelve. now, understand. crocodile dundee part two was *necessary*. after movies like “less than zero” and “bright lights big city” cocaine use was just too glamorous in the eyes of 80’s america’s, um, electric youth, and we needed a simple morality play about evil drug dealing south americans to counteract it. and at the time, nobody was more ethical to an american teenager than some australian who killed a crocodile….