spaceship no future

your generational anxieties: where are they now?

Over half a year after the fact, slapped-together Friendster parodies like STD-ster might strike the jaded web surfer as too little and far too late.

In the case of STD-ster, though, the perverse satisfaction of watching the author’s face emote its way from Mild Disgust to Dawning Realization and finally on to Abject Terror is a worthwhile payoff, evoking as it does a nostalgia for the sexual dread of the 1980s, something unknown to today’s youth, who are on the one hand Christ-addled Promise Keepers and on the other hand unsentimental, mercenary blow job partygoers. Dig further into this web page, like an archaeologist of bygone hang-ups, and note too the STD-ster’s curious garment, its resemblance to turn-of-the-century swimwear suggesting an outmoded and at this point moot sexual propriety, and finally, take care not to miss the implied fear of miscegenation by proxy.

This wasn’t nearly a thousand words, but I hope you get my drift anyway.