spaceship no future

animal crossing

taking photos of a television is not that easyThis weekend I planted four peach trees and chartered a rowboat for the isle of Chom.

I retrieved Monique the cat’s Gameboy, which she had loaned to Dizzy the elephant, who in turn had loaned it to Amelia the eagle.

naive, that's what I amTom the cat called me a freakshow for running around the village at 2 A.M., and that hurt my feelings. I wrote him a letter asking him if we could still be friends, and sent a bonsai tree along with it in hopes of winning him over.

I paid off Tom Nook the raccoon, who had blackmailed me into working at his shop in return for buying a house. Now we get along okay, though he’s already making noises about a home improvement loan.

cracker does sound pretty hipI caught four red snappers, two catfish, five sea bass, a million salmon, and a rainbow trout. Kiki the cat traded me a purple nebula shirt for one of the red snappers. I donated the trout to the museum. Blathers the owl explained to me that any creature I bring in to the town museum is suitable for display, because they’re all part of the rich tapestry of life.

I sent Pogo the girl an axe for chopping trees along with a letter that read simply, “Honey, I’m home.”



I am ever so happy that you posted about how to roll your own typekey-friendly login system.

good done