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which cat... is the real thing?

So, down on the educational range (that’s A&M University for you Texas-impaired readers) they cloned a housecat. In a typically boring fashion, the cloned cat doesn’t have eye-mounted lasers, fiber-optic whiskers, chameleon fur, or the ability to toss off conversational bon mots with effortless ease.

On the upside, perhaps all this genetic attention towards housecats will lead to allergy-free cats, increasing overall global cat appreciation and eventually supplanting all major world religions. However…

Sperling plans to offer the technology first to wealthy individuals seeking to replace beloved pets

This is disgusting. God has given us a lifespan of 70+ years so that we may enjoy the delights of many cats, not the same one over and over again. Anyway, finally we can get a newborn kitten, clone it, and settle the nature/nurture debate about tail flickering and headbutting once and for all. Jacob and I almost came to blows about it once after watching Trading Places in our Intro Biology class. Or was it Ghostbusters? I love that Ray Parker, Jr.

Yes, I am getting kind of lazy about finding images. But if you didn’t love cats, you would have stopped shopping SNF a long time ago.