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The New Privacy

I couldn't find a picture of Rockwell so I thought you might enjoy a nice cat picture. This is a No Future Public Service Announcement as I know many of our readers enjoy file sharing now and again. If you’re running any Windows OS and using Audiogalaxy to make the world a better, more musical place then pay close attention.

An article I came across on Portal of Evil details how an add-on utility installed with Audiogalaxy called Sputnik created by the VX2 corporation could be hiding in your bushes under the window while you’re getting ready for bed. Here’s a couple of pertinent quotes from VX2’s “privacy” policy:

VX2’s software also collects some information from online forms that you fill out.
VX2’s software also collects the query terms entered into search engines.
As somebody who spent the last six months using web-based email, to quote Lo Pan, this really pisses me off to no end. There are a lot of little trojanesque programs like this one floating around, although this is the most brazenly intrusive one I’ve seen. You might want to download a (free) copy of Ad-aware to cleanse your system of such filth. It won’t pick up Sputnik, because that’s a new development. If you have a file named vx2.dll on your hard drive, you’ve got it. Directions for its removal are here.

Keep watching this space as the story is still developing.