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It’s about us

John Walker, 20-year old Talib discovered recently in the aftermath of a prison uprising in Northern Afghanistan, has become a nexus of contention in rhetorical-political space. Less than one week after Attorney General John Ashcroft’s “Shut Up, You Traitors” appearance before Congress, and in the light of recent op-eds somehow linking American liberalism and the young Walker, its become apparent that the treason-jargon has expanded to reveal a pattern of severe dissociation.

Walker is being made into a symbol, and before we know anything about his context. But - this trend of treason-jargon can be instructive, because it reveals some more details of a conservative agenda to cast its enemy into the fires of Hell.

Readers at the Spaceship will remember the Great Chom Liquidation of Squids following the free association of the concepts Them, Enemy, Ain’t, and Free in its journals and later, its military tribunals. Let’s name the jargon now before it happens again: “It’s not about us!”