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Arthur Lee is free

this is what happens to you when you die The world may be going utterly to shit, but every now and then something nice happens. Arthur Lee, formerly of the amazing hippy/psychedelic band Love, is out of jail after six years. He was serving time for shooting a gun in the air in his apartment, a gun that, as an ex-felon, he’s not allowed to carry. You may even remember the crappy single that the Make-Up put out a couple years ago, “Free Arthur Lee.” I actually bought it. Anyway, Lee’s out, which is just, because, you know, he’s an artist. If Ezra Pound can get away with being a Fascist, then Arthur Lee can shoot his gun however he wants.

In other news, our stupid web hosting company wiped out everything from Friday when they restored an old backup, so you missed my exciting blurb about anthrax, in which I made my last poignant plea for brotherhood and understanding in the face of the crippling terror through which we’ve all been living our dull, pointless lives. I also listed the only two good links I was able to come up with while searching (in futility, as it happens) for the lyrics to Danish one-hit wonder Laid Back’s one hit, “White Horse”. But I can’t look for them again. It was hard enough the first time, almost as if somebody didn’t want me to find it.