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delicious Chick-fil-A waffle fries on my mind

better yet, buy a copy and mail it to me directly Yesterday Jacob said there was a new Vitesse album out. I told him he must be wrong since I’m an insufferable know-it-all and I did not know this. The Hidden Agenda website didn’t mention anything about it… because it’s actually on Acuarela. Their next album on Hidden Agenda is set for Spring 2002. I mean jeez, you’re my favorite band in the world, but stop to eat, guys. Kate Bush hasn’t put out a record in a zillion years and everybody still loves her, so don’t worry.

Go and buy the new Vitesse. I can’t, I’ve already blown too much cash I don’t have on Section 25 CDs.

Oh, and to make it an all-Vitesse afternoon, have a listen to Through Small Windows by Alsace Lorraine which Vitesse are involved with in some way which I don’t remember. When I emailed them they told me to buy it, but somehow forgot to mention some of them were actually in the band. Regardless, it’s really great and I’m listening to it right now on headphones in order to drown out the infantile ramblings of the other students here in the computer lab. I’m surrounded by thieves, criminals and loose women.

PS Mike, you suck. Where were you at noon today? I got up three hours early to make that date.