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Re-release of the first Wake LP, other rambles

peace is a formula: love is a war
So I was poking around looking for information about Les Temps Modernes, the label that is doing all the Section 25 re-releases I have recently been buying. As you can see I hit the jackpot, because when I started my search I didn’t even know what LTM stood for.

Anyway, it turns out they’re re-releasing The Wake’s first album with all kinds of extra tracks and Peel sessions. Lovely. It seems like just about every band on Sarah Records named The Wake as one of their major influences. So they’re the Velvet Underground of Indie-pop. Or rather, they’re the Galaxy 500 of Indie-pop, who are the Velvet Underground of Indie.

You can tell I just learned about inheritance in my stupid Java class. I got an 95 on the last exam; Jacob got a 99. So rest assured we are smarty smart and well qualified to shape your opinions on any subject.

In other news, a movie about Factory Records is currently shooting in Manchester. The mind boggles.