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Misty Malarky Ying Yang and an ass they call America

oops, i am an ass
After happening upon a blurb on the Bush family’s cat “India” at the White House web site*, outraged Indian protesters have demanded an apology from the U.S. consulate, and are now engaged in retaliatory animal-naming.
“Bush named his cat India so we are naming dogs George Bush,” Shankar Gaikar, regional coordinator of the [Hindu nationalist group] Bajrang Dal, told Reuters on Tuesday.
According to some U.S. spokesperson, the cat’s full name is “India Ink.” Because it’s dark, see. For what it’s worth, Amy Carter (herself a veteran protester) had the First Cat with the best name.

* Sadly, India the cat has vanished from the site. Just when you thought that protesting didn’t make a difference.

Update: Shit, I just realized that this is cat news. Now I’m doing it without even trying.