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Corny soapbox time! No cat news today

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In all due respect, those who try to disrupt and destroy and hurt are really defeating the cause of, their cause.
This typically imbecilic quote from George W. Bush had me in stitches as I read it last Thursday morning, a day before the G8 Summit in Genoa, Italy was to begin. As the summit draws to an end, there’s not much left to laugh about.

On one side, there were the agents of Capitalism Gone Amok, the G8, consisting of the wealthiest seven industrialized nations, plus, um, Russia. The G8 met to discuss pressing economic issues, specifically the possibly impending recession, as well as the Kyoto climate treaty and relief to developing nations, particularly those in Africa. On the other side, there were the over 100,000 activists who gathered in the streets of Genoa to protest, the bulk of them quite non-violent. The protesters are the latest representatives of a movement that began in 1994 with the EZLN uprising in Mexico, manifesting an increasing dissatisfaction with neoliberal economic policy, in which local economic and social concerns are subordinated to the need to allow free movement of capital worldwide.

These are the issues, vastly simplified, and I’m sure everyone’s familiar with them. I’m sure most people reading this are only marginally interested in the events in Genoa, as predictable as these protests and the accompanying state responses are becoming. But, insofar as we can be bothered to update the site, Spaceship No Future is here to be your bad conscience, so there’s one more thing I wanted to mention: Take a moment every now and then—maybe every time you come across names like George Bush, Tony Blair, or Jean Chretien in the news—to remember the name Carlo Giuliani. That’s all, just think of Carlo Giuliani, who was shot twice in the head Friday by Italian police, who then backed over his body with an SUV. Shot in the head, then crushed with a Land Rover. Sorry about the grisly photos.