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Latest cat news: non-allergenic kitties!

artifical kitties!! Finally I’ll be able to dump Mr. Sneezy, the greedy, flea-ridden, and super-cute neighborhood cat that I’ve been feeding, because cats genetically engineered to not make people sneeze will be here by 2003. A two-man company called Transgenic Pets is currently researching the removal of the gene that produces a protein called Fel d1, known to cause many allergic reactions in humans. While a few obstacles remain, the company is confident that their venture will succeed:
Dr. Avner said that since the cats would not be eaten, they raised few safety and regulatory concerns.
The president of the American Cat Fanciers Association, Carol Barbee, had only one reservation about genetically modified cats:
“If they end up with something that’s not a cat, that’s not fine,” Ms. Barbee said.
The cats will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $750 to $1000. They will be spayed or neutered out of the box, so no making your own.

Of course, at No Future Labs, we are making our own, as we see this development as a call to arms. Our genetically engineered felines, crossbred with St. Bernards to wear miniature barrels filled with Claritin, are on their way. I’m going to name mine “Proventil” and “Primatene.”

Read the full story at the New York Times web site (registration is required but free - or you can use “NoFuture/meowmix” to log in).

chris adds: i’m going to name mine “allegra!”