spaceship no future

that picture of jonathan richman looks like a clown corpse

anyway, now that i’ve got that out of my system, here’s the indie-pop perspective on the digital music personalization service jacob was talking about: it’s pretty good. it fails utterly on the goth/dreampop front though. this shouldn’t be taken as criticism… it’s a really cool service, and when i wasn’t purposely slanting my responses towards specific genres i like, it gave me pretty impressive results. jacob didn’t come across twee (perhaps there is some correlation between this fact and the fact that he did come across “power violence?”), but i of course did.

too bad they’re still not accepting new users at the moment. it took me almost half a dozen tries to guess jacob’s username and password. you all are out of luck though, because you lack my devious password guessing instincts. well, to be honest, it’s all social engineering. you see, i’m sexy as all get out.