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Bob Kerrey feels just awful about killing so many Vietnamese civilians back when he was a kid

Former Senator Bob Kerrey (now president of the prestigious New School University) recently admitted to feeling “anguish and guilt” over a 1969 mission in which he and his Navy SEAL team slaughtered a village full of civilians, a mission for which he was awarded a Bronze Star. The 20+ dead civilians in question had the misfortune to live in an area that had been designated a free-fire zone. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has no plans to investigate the regrettable incident (it occurs to me that maybe they already did). Oh well.
WASHINGTON (CNN) — Former Sen. Bob Kerrey says he feels “anguish and guilt” about the women and children accidentally killed during a nighttime mission he led in Vietnam, but he denies a report that the civilians were deliberately shot. …

“We expected it to be a very difficult mission, and we met some people we believed were the outpost and we killed them,” Kerrey explained to Blitzer on Wednesday.
“And then (we) went on and took fire where we expected this meeting to occur and we returned very lethal fire and when the firing was over, all we had was women and children that are dead,” he said. …

“When I told my children what happened, they say they still love me,” he said.
In related news, the Vietnamese government still loves him, too. C’est la guerre!

Update:It looks like the Pentagon actually might investigate. Or, more accurately, when asked about the possibility of an investigation, the Pentagon’s spokesperson said “Sure.”