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why most kids my age buy secondhand.

the holy motherfucking grail, my friendsSo a mere three weeks after plonking down $150 for a new Dreamcast plus $25 for a VMU plus $50 for a game, I start hearing rumors that Sega plans to stop manufacturing the #@!$#!!1 thing. I’ve never been dumped so quickly. Usually these things take years. To make matters worse, I also found out today that one of the selling points for me, the Samba de Amigo maracas, was manufactured in a limited run of 10,000, which explains why they are impossible to find. Which makes the vaguely threatening letter I wrote to Sega a mostly pointless waste of time, I guess. Unless I can score these maracas, so hands off, they’re mine.

Anyway, Bush is president now, and no one’s getting a free ride anymore, so perhaps this heartwrenching maraca shortage will be the least of all our worries. I leave you now with an inspirational Roxy Music photo:


1 A nod to Chris’ dad.