spaceship no future

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i am the invincible sword goddess!  i am the desert dragon!  i live in the shadow of apathy, behind the barbed wire of boredom!  finally we have some words for chom's national anthem, which up until now only had a name. it’s movies week at spaceship no future. we saw crouching tiger, hidden dragon and oh brother, where art thou?. both movies were amazing, funny, and had cracking soundtracks. next up is antitrust which is going to be laughably bad. speaking of laughter, it seems many american viewers of crouching tiger, hidden dragon are having trouble swallowing the idea that wudan fighters, some of whom are principal characters in CTHD, can run up the sides of buildings and fly through the air. even my dad snickered a little. movie geek central has a great little review that explains the tradition of wuxia in chinese cinema which will put all the flying and tree-branch fighting in proper perspective and magically make you less ignorant. it may even save your life- you never know when you’ll be a witness to some kung-fu in a bar somewhere, and from what i’ve seen, laughing at the wrong time will get everyone in the place beat up to holy hell no matter how bad ass their weapons are.

there is no perspective to be gained on the pepsi girl with the man voice. it’s just cruelty. we don’t allow that sort of pornography in chom.

in other news, jacob gave tamara and i each a tube of superglue, and i managed to get it all over my hands within 30 seconds. fun fact: smooth objects such as softcover books, aluminum cans, and game controllers (cry cry) cannot be held firmly when your fingertips are covered with superglue. if you tighten your grip, they pop right out of your hand. so sadly, i won’t get to play tony hawk 2 until sunrise tonight.