spaceship no future


>drink beer

It is really very pleasant stuff, with a very good dry, nutty flavour, some light froth on top, and a deep colour. It is at exactly room temperature. You reflect that the world cannot be all bad when there are such pleasures in it.

Ford mentions that the world is going to end in about twelve minutes.

These are heady times indeed for interactive fiction fans., the site that brought you the Postmodernism generator (details here) and the adolescent poetry generator, now has the Infocom library available for play online! Just telnet to and log in as ‘zork.’ The game server is being run without the consent of Activision, who owns the rights to Infocom’s library, so there is a chance that the site may not be around for long. Perhaps Spaceship No Future can build a mirror…

Update: As promised, I’ve set up a site for playing Infocom games online. If you’re interested, e-mail me. Also, you’ll need an SSH client to connect. I don’t use telnet. In other news, I heard that Chris is going to write a text adventure about C.H.U.D.