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what’s the matter?  chicken?

that's not kitten pie!!!hey, i don’t eat meat, but i used to go to mcdonald’s a lot until nathalie and i decided we would never go again because the whole operation was disgusting. at first it was hard, because i loved their delicious fries, but you know, it just gets easier and easier not to go. my favorite quote from the story:

Ortega was unable to sleep Tuesday night, she said. “I kept thinking about my children eating it,” Ortega said.

at least you didn’t get a cow head! moooooo… i would make some bad pun based on a mcdonald’s slogan, but they’ve switched to abstract feelgood bullshit lately. i’ll owe you one. for more information, i suggest reading mclibel: burger culture on trial by john vidal, with a forward by ralph nader, the newly-elected president of chom.