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this rare two-headed chomian tiger kills lawyershaving spent the afternoon talking with ibm technical support to get my hard drive replaced, i needed something to stop the horrible flashbacks to when i was working at dell. too bad this story from express online is what i came across. jacob and i’s experience in the technical support industry led to the historic sept. 1 1999 royal decree of chom forbidding any state contracts with companies that use humans for technical support. this decree was contested in chom federal court by the pro-corporate group USA*engage, but the all-tiger jury got loose and the lawyers were convicted of being tasty. there have been no pro-free-trade lawsuits in chom since.

readers questioning the neccessity of this story will be referred to those who complained that the fried chicken head picture was nasty and they were sick of looking at it every time they loaded our front page. readers questioning the veracity of the facts in this story have the right to trial by jury in hungry tiger city, chom.