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replacing the crappy music in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for PC

pro skaters like elissa steamer only listen to roxy music and the fall The first thing anyone does when playing Tony Hawk 2 for the second time is to turn off the music. How truly sad. If you have the PC version, here’s how to play with your own music:

  1. Rip some songs (up to 20) to .wav format. I like AudioGrabber, but it’s shareware, so you might try a free ripping tool.
  2. Find the installation directory for Tony Hawk 2, and backup the existing music directory by changing its name.
  3. Make a new folder called music.
  4. From the backup folder copy the files ltix00.dat through ltix09.dat. These are various background sounds used in the game.
  5. Copy the .wav files you ripped to the music folder.
  6. Now, download a utility called Radtools (shudder) and install it. It will create a Start menu folder called “Bink and Smacker.”
  7. Run Radtools, and locate one of your songs. Select it, and press “Bink It!” Another dialog will pop up. Accept the defaults and press the “Bink” button. Do this for every song.
  8. Rename the files ltix##.dat where “##” is the range of numbers from 11 to 30.
  9. Start the game and play. Notice that the game will play the songs sequentially, based on how they were numbered.

And if you don’t have this game, you really owe it to yourself to find a copy and play it. Unless of course you don’t play computer games, in which case you should just put on a record or something and be smug.