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give the gift of grimsey records this solstice

st. jacob and st. hazel, patron saints of bitey cats and grumpy cats, respectively only eight shopping days left until the winter solstice! you may not know what the winter solstice is. well, i’m not going to tell you. or even provide a link. it’s not my fault your churches have roofs on them. st. solstice is, however, the patron saint of smug, superior hippies with discover cards. that’s a hint. anyway, what are you getting me for the solstice? how about something on grimsey records? since they’re too modest to self-promote on the indie-pop list lately, i’ll tell you, they’re having special offers and promotions to celebrate minnesota awareness month, which is december. december used to be “the darkest month” until electricity awareness month, which was extended indefinitely. anyway, grimsey is offering their latest four 7” releases for only $10, postage paid! and a new compilation CD for $5 postage paid! and they take paypal! come on, buy something. you know you loved ninian hawick’s cover of “the pop-up man,” which i think was recorded in the fourth dimension or something. and if you don’t, it might delay the release of a toulouse album, which according to the previously linked news page, is slated for an early 2001 release. toulouse! there’s an mp3 by them called “commuter maquette” here. it’s a whole song, too, not a cheesy 56kb/s 20-second sample. grimsey records knows how to work the mp3 revolution. toulouse! they’re somehow related to vitesse! i love vitesse. it’s too bad the magnetic fields rip them off so bad.

Update from Jacob: I’m buying Chris a sack of potatoes for “solstice.”