spaceship no future


ansi and skulls.... the two are inseperable!I was wasting some time at work Friday, reading the news at slashdot.The article on Tradewars, an old BBS door game, being rewritten to run on the web brought back a lot of memories.And an overwhelming need to play LORD and Usurper again.Luckily there are still plenty of people out there running BBSs - BBSs you can telnet to.After trying 4 different Telnet clients, I finally found one that displayed ANSI art properly.Then I set to “dialing” about 40 different BBSs. After numerous disappointments, I found a total of 2 boards that had a decent selections of working door games.I was shocked to find out that some of these boards still insist on call back verification.Even though I always closed the window when I was warned about a call back, I think someone still tried to contact me this afternoon when I was taking a nap……Anyway, I found 2 BBSs that I will continue going back to: Darklands BBS and Telery.Both have a large number of people playing LORD and Usurper - Telery is even running 2 different games of Usurper, a must since you have a good chance of dying within 3 minutes no matter how powerful you are.I highly recommend logging on and giving them a try, both games remain highly playable (and addictive).Look for Booska (or Chamegon in game 2 of Usurper at Telery) on both boards - maybe we can team up and r0><0r one of the Usurper games.