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hazel downloads and plays sacrifice demo

sacrifice!  soon to be a cereal.jacob had mentioned he was excited about this game called sacrifice, and it was from interplay, so i downloaded the demo and tried it out. sacrificed an hour or two, you might say. ha! that demo is 90MB by the way- hope your cable modem is working. i played it a while, then read some reviews. yeah, i know it’s just a link to old man murray, and they didn’t review it, but i can’t bear to suffer through one of the reviews from a website with “game” in the title who will talk about the importance of gameplay. they won’t be better than nothing, so i’m giving you nothing. my opinion? certainly. the graphics *are* stunning, with lots of sparkle and a coral reef color palette, even on my P2-450 with a G400. the characters and the dialog make me laugh, especially one of the gods who is an earthworm wearing overalls and has a lisp. that’s what gods are like? oh yes, the music is lovely too. but the controls are awkward and messing around with troops and souls is real cumbersome, so i’m not going to play it anymore. if jacob buys it, i will watch him play, because it’s pretty pretty. give it a whirl.