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Bush won.

that's actually a draft card, but it's the best i could find in a pinchMore or less final results are in, and America’s favorite frat boy won the presidency while the Republican Party retains its control of the House of Representatives. Already the press is blaming Nader and the Green Party. How to respond? Where to begin?

Personally, I blame God.

At any rate, it’s really too late now to point fingers. What we all have to do at this point is to come up with a suitable course of action now that we are all fucked.

Good luck, America. Maybe the music will get better, at least.

Update: As of 3am CST, is reporting that the final results are still in doubt, as Bush leads Florida by a bare margin of 2,000 votes; Gore has already retracted his concession. I’m going to sleep.

hazel adds: as of 4:30am CST (i should get a job…) CNN is reporting interesting numbers. and wetting themselves over how freaky it all is. at one point the florida vote count had bush’s lead down to less than 300 votes. there will be an automatic recount. gore is leading the popular vote by more than 300,000 votes. if florida goes to bush, and i kind of think it will, we’ll have an electoral college victory where the popular vote says otherwise. that hasn’t happened since 1888.

my take? i agree with jacob. we’re all fucked. we were anyway. it really burned my ass when they gave it to bush, because i sincerely believe he belongs in jail with his father. but now i don’t care. nobody won this election. every important legislative body in america is a total freaking tossup. the republicans control the house and the senate with the absolute minimum of majorities, and no matter who ends up as president, there will be no victory, no mandate… and nader got 2.5 million, or 3%. go nader!