spaceship no future

that’s! not! a! knife!

daily radar has a piece on the new crocodile dundee movie that’s quite good. they ask the all important question
The scene today where you tell time by the sun, is that this film’s equivalent of the “That’s not a knife” scene?
and it also notes, interestingly enough, that the cause for the 12-year gap between parts two and three were paul hogan refusing to do another one unless it had a good story. way to go, paul.

the question is, will it be like the kate bush album from the 90’s that was excruciatingly awful, because she cannot live that far from the 70’s? that is to say, can crocodile dundee exist outside of the rarified 80’s environment, or will i get to the theater and have to endure an hour and a half of gasping, choking, slow death from exposure to the stupid future? watch this space for more details.