spaceship no future

Goodbye energy star, hello kapukapu, DIY style

Jacob's sexy new BIOS banner logo A nifty dork site called Virtual Hideout has an article describing how to modify your homebuilt system’s (well, anything with an Award 4.51-based BIOS) POST/BIOS/whatever logo. You know, it’s the EPA Energy Star logo you see every time you turn on your PC. Here’s the quick step-by-step:

  1. Create a black & white bitmap measuring 136 by 84 pixels. Microsoft Paint works well.
  2. Using a program called BMP2EPA, convert your little bitmap to the EPA format.
  3. Merge the new .EPA logo into a flash BIOS file with the CBROM utility. For instance: cbrom bm6_tz.bin /epa nofuture.epa
  4. Boot clean and, using the awdflash utility supplied by your mobo manufacturer, flash the BIOS. awdflash bm6_tz.bin
  5. Reboot! Wow!

So did I try it? Damn! You bet! And though my low-res bitmap skillz are less than satisfactory, I am comforted by the fact that I now own the world’s only PC bearing the distinctive Spaceship No Future brand.

Update: “kapukapus aren’t ordinary cats. we’re space cats!”

Update #2: Don’t use BMP2EPA for Windows—it sucks and will stick the word “UNLICENSED” on your logo. Use the DOS version instead.

hazel adds: i went with this:
jiji is a magical cat that talks