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Change begins with your Start button.

MiaowThe pointless software/firmware mod madness continues. This time it’s how to modify your Start button. This applies to Win9x, including WinME, and probably Win2k and WinNT as well. It’s just this easy:
  1. Back up explorer.exe by copying it to something like explorer.bak
  2. Open up explorer.exe in a hex editor (UltraEdit works)
  3. Search for “5300 7400 6100 7200 74,” which is “S.t.a.r.t,” of course. There are several occurrences of this string, so find the one that is followed immediately by “There was an internal error and one of the windows you were using has been closed. It is recommended that you save your work and close all programs, and then restart your computer”.
  4. Change “S.t.a.r.t” to something else. You must use exactly 5 characters, periods notwithstanding. I chose “Miaow,” but “Phart” was a close second.
  5. Save your changes as something like explorer.mod, whatever.
  6. Boot clean to DOS.
  7. Delete or rename explorer.exe, then rename explorer.mod to explorer.exe.
  8. Reboot.