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Your monitor will make you glow in the dark.

Or make you itchy and sneezy, at least. I just returned from a short trip to Surfside Beach, Texas, where a Dow chemical plant is only a mile from the beach and red tide was causing dead fish to wash up all over the shore. After a weekend of breathing napalm and neurotoxins, with only Lone Star beer to stave off the misery, I called in sick* to recover my lungs and finish up a computer game (Planescape: Torment - best game ever) I had been playing. Now, though, I’ve found out that my computer is killing me. Triphenyl phosphate, a compound used to flameproof plastic monitor cases, is emitted by the monitor as it heats up, causing allergic reactions, headaches, and ennui, according to researchers from Stockholm University. So now I’m going to die. We’re all going to die. Or sneeze. A lot. It doesn’t seem fair.

* Note to coworkers: I really was sick.