spaceship no future

you will be kodo, and you will be podo.

and this will be modo. it’s a PDA that helps you better participate in consumer culture or some damn thing. at least it doesn’t run on Windows CE. it doesn’t look like a ferret, and they don’t even mention marc singer one time on the whole damn website. which looks like a flyer for some rave sponsored by wired. i give you a nice table for comparison:

modo vs. podo/kodo
modo (PDA device)*odo (ferret)
sleek, hand-heldsleek, hand-held
updated with fresh inspiration daily
needs feeding daily

despite the numerous technical disadvantages, i’ve got to go with podo or kodo. modo, to be completely honest, looks stupid. i need a backpack filled with shit like this like i need that drawerful of old, broken remote controls, or a hole in the head.