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You are all assholes. I hate you.

I am a Nietzschean superman with a highly evolved ethical facility that effectively absolves me of the need to resolve the personal and intrapersonal moral contradictions that the rest of you sheep grapple with daily. For instance: A) I believe in the sanctity of all human life. And kittens. But B) Old people are useless. Also: A) When the U.S. bombed a major pharmaceutical plant in Sudan for no real reason, I was saddened and dismayed. Pissed off, even. But B) I like to shoot people between the eyes with exploding rockets in Quake 3 Arena.

USA! USA!All this sits well with me, and I sleep soundly every night. But like I said, the rest of you are mindless, conflicted herd animal fuckwits, and hypocrites to boot. Pay attention, this is a milestone for me, because I now sincerely believe that videogames rot your brain and diminish your soul. For example: I read today on popular dork gaming site Shuga Shack that stupid computer game Soldier of Fortune is being accused of racism, based on the contrast between a New York level where the player is penalized for murdering civilians and a level in Iraq where no distinction is made between harmless civilians and hostile soldiers. There’s no debate really. That’s pretty fucking blatant. The message: brown people’s lives are not as precious as white people’s. So I click on the comments link at Shuga Shack, and everybody’s either talking about free speech or flatly denying that racism exists. Why does this always happen? How did “free speech” become a shield for assholes to hide behind so they wouldn’t have to think deeply or hear anything anyone else has to say? Why are “different” people, like geeks, not that much different at all? And do you get the feeling that for most people talking about racism is… annoying?

People are fucking idiots.

Tomorrow: Jacob experiences the same epiphany again while browsing Maximum Rock n Roll at Sound Exchange.