spaceship no future

mutant bunnies!

france is renown the world over for its fine wines, delicious cheeses, and KILLER GLOWING DEATH BUNNIES.genetic engineering is scary and exciting, not unlike “genetic engineering” by OMD. actually “electricity” by OMD is better, but less scary and exciting because i take electricity for granted. anyway, glow in the dark bunny! eduardo kac, a wacky artist, convinced a french genetics lab to take some jellyfish genes and an albino rabbit and cook up a dish of bio-luminescent bunny. those french and their weird cuisine! but wait! this bunny isn’t for eating, it’s for loving and petting and playing. kac claims the infra-rabbit is transgenic art, but the local villagers have assured me it’s really a hideous monster that will eat our children and turn god against all of us.