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MPAA, DeCSS, CMU Dr., &!, &!, &!… U R SOL

the LOVE acronym salon has a lovely interview with david touretzky about judge kaplan’s ruling in the MPAA vs. 2600 case. david touretzky has a gallery of CSS descramblers which aims to illustrate the absurdity of not affording source code first amendment protections. he gave a deposition in the case to that effect. the interview is short, illustrates the main problems with the judge’s ruling, and is a good jumping-off point for people who haven’t been the following the case. most americans won’t blink an eye when you tell them their rights are being taken away, because there’s always some lunatics making that claim. but this is important to americans, because it concerns movies, television, and music, not the stupid bill of rights. yes, now you’re listening, you entertainment tonight watching morons. go read the interview, and check out some of the links from dr. touretzky’s gallery. yes, prince hates big entertainment corporations too. but that’s because they don’t come in purple crushed velvet.