spaceship no future

hey, we’re not arguing*

dad showed me an interview with ray bradbury that was in the paper today, by roger moore of the orlando sentinel. ray is a noted sci-fi author of such books as farenheit 451, #275 on the internet top 100 SF/fantasy list and oft referred to in hushed tones on the slashdot forums. we’ll just let ray speak for himself:
(on the internet) “this thing is bound to fail. napster’s out there, stealing everyone blind. they’re stealing people’s work. they should be put in jail. all of them. all this electronic stuff is remote, removed from you. the internet is just a big scam the computer companies cooked up to make you get a computer into every home.”
i can almost see him shaking his cane at us punk kids. what was it jacob was saying about old people being useless? heh.

in related news, kathleen quinn shares her revelation that journalism on the web has no future. hint: she’s not in love with our web site. it’s part of a zdnet special report on the future of the internet. the unifying theme of the articles in the report is that they are all excruciatingly awful and wrong. might be a good one- i gave up.

so you don’t think i’m all frowns and bad feelings about the future, here’s a good NYT article (if you don’t feel like registering, username/password 55555/55555 works) on the effect tivo and related technologies might have on the future of television. this article is superior to the zdnet articles and ray bradbury because it has pictures of things exploding.

*we are laughing uproariously.