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FLUFFY BUNNIES the suitsWho hasn’t fantasized at least once or twice of snuffing out the FLUFFY BUNNIES with a handheld rocket launcher? I know I have, and high tech American ingenuity will one day make that dream a reality. In the meantime, though, there’s Political Arena, a brilliant Quake III Arena mod that pits all four y2k Republicrat candidates against each other in a pitched battle to the death. Or capture the flag. Whatever. In a refreshing change of pace for the online game dork community, the web site really tells it like it is. Describing Al Gore: “He serves an administration which has waged undeclared war on four different countries, giving him first-hand experience with deadly virtual combat.” And on G.W.: “‘The Texecutioner’ has executed 140+ people by proxy, and [is] anxious to get his hands dirty…” Start downloading, and start making a difference.