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even as we speak touring east coast in october

the cover of the nothing ever happens 45, image graciously provided by the sarah page i link to below they’re touring in support of the cannanes, who are also great, and actually it’s mary dwyer with unknown others performing even as we speak songs (i assume, otherwise that’s pretty sneaky), but she was the original singer and they recorded one of the best pop albums of all time, feral pop frenzy (pictured). they’re australian, so chances are you won’t get to see them again, because i have it on good authority that the olympic games are going to end in a terrible war. got this news from the cannanes newsletter. the touring part anyway… i made up the rest.

Oct 12 Easthampton MA
Oct 14 New York NY
Oct 18 NYU NY
Oct 19 Boston MA
Oct 20 Philadelphia PA
Oct 21 Atlantic City NJ
Oct 23 Arlington, VA (DC)

follow the cannanes newsletter link for more info on individual dates. i am fantasizing about attending the one in DC. in other pop news, two new compilations are out on sunday records, sunny sunday smile vol. 2 and rolling meadows. i’m buying them simply because they have new mrs. kipling tracks (one of which is called “mr. kipling” how cute! swoon), the rest will be purely a bonus. sunny sunday smile vol. 1 is a twee pop classic that is as good as any sarah compilation, so i have high hopes for these two. they’re only $14 if you order them both directly from sunday. that’s cheapy cheap. i might go with tweekitten though, so i can get other goodies. as an aside, the sunday records website is kind of weird and annoying. when you try and right-click on a page to find the direct URL to it, it won’t let you. until you fire up opera or turn off javascript in IE5, anyway. what’s the point?