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baldur’s gate II: shadows of amn gone gold

linking to images on other people's servers?  yeah, i'm cool with that.should be out in a couple weeks. the limited edition (if everyone jumped off a bridge…) comes with a bonus disc containing extra items, characters, quests, etc. that’s real half-assed if you ask me. ask me. maybe they’ll announce a super-limited metal box edition with the limited edition install utility? special gold pre-release patch disk? 7” with non album tracks? i protested this elitist moneymaking scheme by pre-ordering a limited edition copy from interplay. be careful- the announcement about baldur’s gate II is easy to miss. i’m writing a big review of icewind dale at the moment, i’ll put it up when it’s done. i’m hoping they’ll like the review and <fingers crossed>send me a limited edition neverwinter nights chainmail skullcap in time for halloween</fingers>.

update: did you know that “no. 1 burgertime fan” is an anagram of this hot new CRPG title? well, it isn’t.