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ars technica reviews my lovely computer case

casey caserton yeah, i’m bad, i was preaching about the casedge LX734A back when it was called the 3400T. to me it had the following advantages: it didn’t have that “god i need to stop using computers and get laid” faux-sexy curvy design like 99% of PC ATX cases have nowadays, it was easy to fool around inside of it, and it was dirt cheap if you didn’t buy it at jinco computing like i did. they finally reviewed it at ars technica and caesar came up with pretty much the same conclusion, sans remarks about the refreshing unsexiness of the design. too bad for him he didn’t realize you can easily open the case without removing the front bezel, all you need to do is pull the upper left corner back a bit. too bad for me he slammed it for being super noisy, which means i have to buy a new case. d’oh! check it out.