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that’s not a knife!

THAT'S a knife. yes, crocodile dundee, part three. it’s in production for an april 2001 release. years since crocodile dundee part two: twelve. now, understand. crocodile dundee part two was *necessary*. after movies like “less than zero” and “bright lights big city” cocaine use was just too glamorous in the eyes of 80’s america’s, um, electric youth, and we needed a simple morality play about evil drug dealing south americans to counteract it. and at the time, nobody was more ethical to an american teenager than some australian who killed a crocodile. hey- it’s the 90’s! kids love that freak on animal planet who wants to have sex with crocodiles, not some yahoo whose claim to fame is he killed one once. this is going to crash and burn. although i will be attending the premiere. speaking of yahoo, i can’t wait for the sequel to young einstein, either. i’m sorry. that was a cheap shot.

also, note what happened to the real crocodile dundee.