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so that’s what we look like from the outside!

a writer for salon went to the kindercore expo 2000 in athens and wrote this twee exposé. starts out good- prefers japanese candy to beer, etc. and yeah he got a lot wrong (what else am i gonna say?) but it’s a fun read. except for the following gem:
Twee kids are a lot like the punk rockers before them, but you could say that twee, since its erstwhile inception in the ’80s, has always rebelled against punk.
um, twee IS punk. i can let the rest slide, but, oh, well, wait. no i can’t. here’s a list:
  • belle and sebastian are not the beatles of twee. they’re not even twee. they’re just great pop. the beatles of twee are orange juice or talulah gosh. actually, the beatles suck.
  • you’re writing about twee pop and you are talking about chart positions and soundscan? do you work at sam goody? what does that have to do with indie-pop?
  • quote “…that something is the sex and freedom of rock that twee so coyly tries to repress.” the freedom of rock? what the fuck are you talking about? every song ever written is about sex, especially when you haven’t had any in a while.
  • quote again: “…in no circumstances does the music want to make you do what rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to want you to do: to fight or fuck.” that’s because it’s not rock n’ roll. it’s twee. since the guy seems to only speak rolling stone, i’ll translate: twee pop is about wanting to fuck but not being able to find someone to fuck you, so you write a song about a wonderful imaginary girl who would fuck you. a hot topic of yore on the indiepop list, when it wasn’t flat out ignored, was that twee pop is kind of sexist because instead of fucking the real girls in front of them, twee boys sing songs about their ideal, non-existent girl who wears dresses, is mousy, and does all kinds of things real girls hate doing, and then complains “why can’t i find a girl?” sensible twee girls within earshot of this sensibly fuck each other and listen to queercore.

  • and finally, i never went to a tweefest that didn’t end with a fistfight or everybody getting arrested.
in other news, the high temperature in houston today was 107F, a new all-time record. tomorrow: hotter!