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new roy montgomery album on drunken fish

the cover of roy's new album, the allegory of hearingjacob emailed me about this a few days ago, thought i’d put it up here so we could work towards getting more than ten items posted and see if the archives work. it’s called “the allegory of hearing” and it’s another all-instrumental one like scenes from the south island and temple IV. his 7” singles that he sings on are fantastic, there aren’t many better songs in the world than “just melancholy” or “E.N.D.,” but the album with vocals was kind of bleh, so i’m glad this one is instrumental. the song titles are kind of projektesque (“the sirens, they feel pity”) but roy can be forgiven for all things when he plays guitar. i don’t have it… yet. i’ll review it on here when it comes. order it directly from drunken fish for $12 postage paid, if you need to use a credit card, get it from midheaven or parasol. and if you’re going there, might as well binge and spend your whole paycheck. you’d just blow it all on booze anyway.