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MPAA begins bold new prior restraint initiative against sites linking to DeCSS

recently the MPAA got a ruling against 2600 magazine preventing them not only from providing DeCSS for download, but also preventing them from even *linking* to sites that have it available. this is akin to not only making it illegal to use drugs, but also making it illegal to even talk about drugs. an apt analogy, considering drugs shouldn’t even be illegal. DeCSS is no different- a legitimately reverse engineered utility that allows you to watch DVDs on linux systems (there is no commercially available DVD player for the Linux OS) that is somehow supposed to aid DVD piracy. news flash- the technology for copying DVDs has existed for years. DeCSS has fuck all to do with DVD piracy. it has to do with a spoiled entertainment industry that can’t compete in today’s technology-driven market and prefers to make lawyers rich instead of just GOING. AWAY. go away! well, they’ve started to send warning letters to other websites that have links to DeCSS. it’s called prior restraint and it is a violation of the first amendment. except the DMCA somehow makes it legal to act this way, by claiming DeCSS is a “tool for circumventing copyright.” pray the supreme court overturns this one, or you’ll be paying a fee every time you watch a movie, hear a song, or read a book. whether you own it or not. anyhoo, nevermind that DeCSS link on the left hand side of the page.