Meiji Yan Yan Biscuits Strawberry (Ichigo)


  But why are the sticks so greasy?

Strawberry YanYan is, of course, very similar to Chocolate YanYan. Please read that review first! This time I didn’t even try to conserve the dip. I just threw away the 4 or 5 bread sticks that were left over after the strawberry stuff ran out. The biggest difference with the strawberry flavor is that the bread sticks seemed to be a whole lot greasier. I let my sister have a couple sticks and her remark was, “Mmm, good! But why are the sticks so greasy?” After eating a couple my fingertips were quite shiny… I had to wash my hands before I touched anything. I don’t know if this was a fluke, I bet the sticks are usually exactly the same in both strawberry and chocolate kind. I hope so, because I definitely prefer the strawberry flavor dip to the chocolate flavor. It is like a big well of ichigo Pocky crème for you to eat, a dream come true! I’m sure I’ll buy strawberry Yan Yan again, if only to see if the bread sticks are consistently greasy. Please email me and tell me your experience with greasy/not greasy YanYan sticks and I’ll post your comments below. Thanks!

Hi There, I happened upon your YanYan page whilst trying to explain what it is to a fellow friend on the 'net. I am happy to report that the breadsticks are ALWAYS greasy, with varying levels of stickiness. I have personally never tried the Vanilla or the Chocolate types, being rather happy with the Strawberry.
- S


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